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Test 50+ vital biomarkers that help assess your metabolic & hormonal health.

Each test in this package measures the levels of 50+ essential biomarkers and offers a detailed view into the current status of the hormones profile, liver profile, kidneys profile, thyroid profile, cholesterol profile, and vitamins & minerals balance. The tests also examine blood sugar & protein levels and provide a complete blood count.

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Understanding your blood test results has never been this easy & convenient

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Full Body Blood Test For Your Family at Home in Dubai, UAE

Importance of Getting Regular Check-up & Advanced Family Blood Test

Feelvaleo’s Family Blood Test in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, allows you to conveniently and safely conduct the test from the comfort of your home at an affordable price. Feelvaleo's at-home lab services in Dubai, UAE for diagnostic blood tests offer convenient and safe options, especially for individuals who face challenges or risks in going outside. Prioritizing health becomes easier with these services, which cater to the needs of those who prefer to stay at home while ensuring their well-being.
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