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Test 10 vital biomarkers that help assess the overall health of your Liver

Your test results will provide detailed information on the 10 biomarkers measured and whether levels are low, normal, or high. Together, these biomarkers offer a detailed view into the current status of your liver enzymes, liver waste products, and proteins.

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Examine Fatty Liver with Liver Function Test in UAE

Fatty liver is a growing concern in the UAE, affecting nearly 1 in 3 adults and posing a significant threat to healthcare due to increased risk factors and potential for severe liver damage. That’s why it’s essential to get Feelvaleo’s liver tests in Dubai and Abu Dahbi to see if you have any form of liver disease, including hepatitis, which causes liver swelling and serious complications in your body functionality. Although, our experts will assess symptoms of liver disease like appetite loss, abdominal pain, and jaundice before recommending a liver function test. If you are facing any sort of liver disease, then contact us here +971 4 416 4444 and get tested with liver functioning tests in Dubai, UAE. These tests help you to take control of your body.
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