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Test 24 vital genes

Your test results will provide detailed information on how 24 vital genes can alter the six panels of your immunity: ACE2 receptor genes, ACE2 enzyme, severe SARS viral and Covid19 infections, inflammatory markers, blood oxygenation, trace element levels

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Improve Your Immunity With Immuwell DNA test in Dubai and Abu Dhabi

Explore the complexities of your immune system and maintain optimal health with insights from the Immuwell testing in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. By undergoing our Immuwell DNA testing, you can discover valuable information about what your immune system needs to stay strong. This personalized approach allows you to better understand your genetic makeup and tailor your health strategies accordingly. Without wasting a minute, take the opportunity to test your DNA and gain valuable insights into supporting your immune health for a more proactive and informed approach to health. Book at Feelvaleo.com today!
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