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Test 15 vital biomarkers that help assess your Gut health

Your test results will provide detailed information on the 15 biomarkers measured and whether levels are low, normal, or high. Together, these biomarkers offer a broad overview into the current status of your liver functions, blood sugar, vitamins, H.Pylori, stool occult blood and more, to give a whole new insight on what is affecting the health of your gut.

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Understanding your blood test results has never been this easy & convenient

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Improve Your Health With Our Complete Gut Health Package in UAE

Feetvaleo offers a complete gut health package in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that includes identifying leaky gut syndrome and addressing it with appropriate treatment. With the help of different tests, you can balance your gut bacteria to improve depression and anxiety. Plus, our Gut Health Bundle UAE helps you with bloating, digestion, constipation, and more. We ensure the healthy living of each and every individual with our convenient all-in-one gut health pack in Dubai and Abu Dhabi – you can book an appointment at Feelvaleo.com.
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