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Your test results will provide detailed information on how 28 vital genes can alter the three vital panels of your vitamin requirements, mineral requirements, detoxification ability and food intolerance

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Optimize Your Weight Management Strategy with the Eatwell DNA Test in UAE

Unlock a personalized approach to optimum weight management with the Eatwell DNA Test in the UAE. By delving into the intricacies of your genetic makeup, this comprehensive test provides insights into how genetics influences your nutrient requirements and eating behaviors. After receiving your digital test results, you can tailor your diet to your unique genetic profile by optimizing carbohydrate and fat intake, maintaining a healthy cholesterol profile, and understanding and managing eating behaviors. Feelvaelo’s Eatwell Test in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, take the first step towards achieving and maintaining your optimum weight while prioritizing your overall well-being. Book Your Appointment Now!
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